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Mark F - November 1958 to January 1963

Vehicle Modifications By Chassis Number


Chassis Number

Details of modifications and changes in specification

NOV 1958


Sales brochure picture - click to enlargeThe Mark F was introduced. The body was identical to the Mark E with a 2/3 seater Tourer and Saloon Coupe, but the Villiers 31A, 250 cc engine with a 4 speed positive stop gearbox and a Siba Dynastart was now used. A 4 seater Family Saloon with two small, forward-facing, rear hammock seats also became available. There were no changes to the dimensions and the weight remained at 672 lb. The colours of Scarlet, British Racing Green and Light Green were also unchanged. Prices started at £379 13s 9d (£379.68p) for the 2/3 seater Saloon Coupe and Tourer and went to £389 14s 6d (£389.73p) for the 4-seater Family Saloon. Reverse was extra at £9 17s 0d (£9.85p).

DEC 1958


A new type of dash panel not incorporating the bottom dash finisher strip was introduced.

DEC 1958


This Scarlet Family Saloon was recorded as the Villiers Show vehicle.

DEC 1958


The “Easistart” decompressor was fitted.

JAN 1959


A new type of hard top with larger side windows was introduced.

FEB 1959


Seat frames were secured to the floor using clips instead of being mounted on studs.

FEB 1959


An 18 mm decompressor was fitted.

MAR 1959


Triplex glass was introduced for the rear side windows of hard top vehicles.

MAR 1959


The material specification for the front trailing arm was changed.

JUN 1959


A new type of etching primer was used on the hard tops.

AUG 1959


The clutch and accelerator pedals were modified by machining a piece from the rear. This gave more movement for the clutch and increased the amount of lift on the carburettor slide.

AUG 1959 


The rear axle channel drilling was modified for “toe-in”.

SEPT 1959


All Villiers 31A engines now had big ends with caged rollers and bushes in the gearbox high gear pinion.

OCT 1959


Exhaust pipes were repositioned to relieve stress in the pipe flange.

OCT 1959


Michelin “C” tyres made in Italy were fitted to front wheels only.

NOV 1959


Michelin “C” tyres made in England were fitted to all wheels.

JAN 1960


Photo taken from an old motor cycle magazine - click to enlargeThe “White Lady”, registration number NRN 800. This was a specially prepared Tourer for Sharp's Commercials Managing Director, Colonel Gray. It featured White paintwork with dark trim strips on the wings and doors, a Black hood, leopard skin seat covers, white steering wheel and a dark coloured dash panel. A radio was fitted, along with wheel trims, twin “Notek” spot lamps and the engine was tuned by Ralph Bilbe of Thrift Motors, Southall, Middlesex. A top speed of 60 m.p.h. was claimed!

MAR 1960


The first vehicle recorded with a new type of brake shoe fitted and the wheel rim bolts increased in size to 5/16".

MAR 1960


Publicity photo - click to enlargeThe first recorded chassis number for the Mark F Ranger. This was a commercial version of the Family Saloon. It had no side windows or rear seats, but was fitted with an opening rear window for loading purposes. The carrying capacity was 3 cwt. or 31 cu. ft. Body colour Scarlet. Price was £295 0s 0d (£295.00p) for a vehicle in Primer and an extra £4 10s 0d (£4.50p) for it to be painted! Reverse was also available for £8 2s 6d (£8 13p) extra.

MAR 1960


A Family Saloon painted in a new colour, Sunburst Yellow.

APR 1960


A Family Saloon painted in a new colour, Shark Blue.

APR 1960


A Family Saloon painted in a new colour, Vulcan Grey.

APR 1960


A Family Saloon painted in a new colour, Smoke Grey.

APR 1960


A new front brake drum with a thicker wall was introduced.

APR 1960


Avon tyres were fitted to all wheels.

MAY 1960


Michelin “C” tyres were again fitted to all wheels

MAY 1960


A new type of exhaust pipe was introduced with a turned flange welded to the pipe.

JUN 1960


Publicity photo - click to enlargeThis vehicle was recorded as a Van and not a Ranger. Along with 26440, 26551 to 26572, 26574 to 26580, 26582 to 26584, 26587 to 26591 and 26593 a total of 39 Vans appear in the records. It is assumed that these vehicles were the ones fitted with a drivers seat only - the passengers seat being omitted for increased load carrying capacity.

OCT 1960


Taken as the start for the 1961 models. New colours of Sunburst Yellow, Shark Blue and Smoke or Vulcan Grey were officially introduced. Hardtops could also be ordered in Ivory White instead of Stone. Prices reduced to £366 13s 2d (£366.66p) for the Tourer and Saloon Coupe and to £376 6s 2d (£376.31p) for the Family.

OCT 1960 


A Shark Blue Family Saloon model, with reverse, for the Motor Cycle Show.

OCT 1960


A Smoke Grey Family Saloon - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A Shark Blue Family Saloon with reverse - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A Sunburst Yellow Family Saloon - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A Light Green Ranger - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A British Racing Green Ranger - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A Scarlet Ranger - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A Sunburst Yellow Ranger - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A Vulcan Grey Ranger - “Show” model.

OCT 1960


A Shark Blue Ranger “Show” model.
Note: Whilst the above vehicles were all for the Motor Cycle Show, it is interesting that none of them was either a Tourer or a Saloon Coupe.

JUN 1961


The glass fibre type front mudguard (as fitted to all Mark G’s) was introduced.

JUN 1961


The Saloon Coupe was discontinued. The last produced was Sunburst Yellow and tested on 29th June 1961.

JUN 1961


The Tourer was discontinued. The last produced was Scarlet and tested on 30th June 1961.

JUL 1961


A new specification for the Villiers 31A engine. This featured a modified clutch, an exposed clutch lever adjustment giving improved access and the S25/8 carburettor with the choke slide operating inside the body. Engines were numbered 179D for forwards and 180D for reverse. Mark G clutch cables were used. (Also fitted to 27270, 27274 & 27275.)

AUG 1961


The Family Saloon was discontinued. The last produced was Scarlet and tested on the 17th August 1961.

NOV 1961


The bulkhead “A” frame was modified to fit the thicker bulkhead casting, when it was available.

DEC 1961


A larger silencer, as fitted to the Mark G, was introduced.

DEC 1961


The Villiers 35A engine was now fitted to all Rangers.

FEB 1962


Phosphor bronze trailing arm bushes were now fitted to the main downtube.

MAR 1962


A hardened pin was fitted in the gearbox and the Siba cover plate was modified, with the reversing type bracket now fitted to all engines.

APR 1962 


Mark G engine plates were now fitted. (Also to 27614, 27616, 27617, 27618 & 27620.)

OCT 1962


The Ranger was discontinued. The Production Records list this vehicle as the last produced. Body colour Scarlet.

JAN 1963


An extra Ranger, registration number SRN 681 and body colour Sunburst Yellow, is known to have been made but for some reason it was not recorded in the Production Records.