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Mark D - May 1956 to November 1958

Vehicle Modifications By Chassis Number


Chassis Number

Details of modifications and changes in specification

MAY 1956


Sales brochure picture - click to enlargeThe Mark D was introduced. An identical body style to the later Mark C, with a Standard/Deluxe 2/3 seater Tourer and a Standard/Deluxe 4 seater Family Safety model available. There was a new Villiers 9E, 197 cc engine, 3 speed direct change gearbox, 4 plate clutch and a heavier drive chain. All models featured a 12 volt electrical system, separate sidelights incorporated into the headlamps, chrome headlamp hoods, front wing side flashes and a grab handle on the dash. Deluxe vehicles had engines with a Siba Dynastart and bumpers were fitted front and rear. Like the Family Safety’s, Tourers also now had the same rear apron fitted between the body and the bumper. Any model could be specified with a glass fibre hard top.
Length 9' 10", width 4' 9", height 4' 2" and weight 520 lb.
Colours available: Capri Blue, Golden Sable and Bahama Cream. Interior Trim colour remained Red. Prices started at £278 13s 2d (£278.66p) for the Standard 2/3 seater Tourer whilst the Deluxe Tourer was £304 7s 8d (£304.38p). Hardtop Convertible Coupes in Standard and Deluxe form were £293 1s 10d (£293.09p) and £318 16s 10d (£318.84p) respectively. The Family Safety was £304 7s 8d (£304.38p) for a Standard with the top-of-the-range Deluxe priced at £320 4s 1d (£320.21p).

The first produced was a Capri Blue Family Safety model.

MAY 1956


A left hand steering Family Safety Deluxe for Montevideo in Uruguay, South America. Body colour Golden Sable.

AUG 1956


All vehicles now had modified engine plates. (except 12134)

AUG 1956


A left hand steering Deluxe Tourer for Massachusetts, U.S.A. Body colour not recorded.

AUG 1956


A 2/3 seater Deluxe Tourer exported to Australia. Body colour Bahama Cream.

SEPT 1956


New type rear brake shoes were now fitted. (except 12217 & 12221)

OCT 1956


Sales brochure picture - click to enlargeA Golden Sable Standard Tourer “Show” model for 1957. No changes to the mechanical specification except that all models now had Fawn coloured interiors and hoods. Reverse also became available as an option - but only for Deluxe models. New colours of Scarlet and British Racing Green replaced Bahama Cream and Capri Blue. Golden Sable remained unchanged.

OCT 1956


A Scarlet Deluxe Family Safety - “Show” model for the turntable.

OCT 1956


A Scarlet Deluxe Tourer - “Show” model.

OCT 1956


A Golden Sable Deluxe Hardtop Convertible Coupe - “Show” model.

OCT 1956


A Golden Sable Deluxe Family Safety - “Show” model.

NOV 1956


The only recorded entry for a Minitruck. It is assumed that this vehicle had the Mark D shape and mechanical features. (See note on Minitrucks in the Mark C section.) No other details are known. Body colour Golden Sable.

DEC 1956 


The first vehicle recorded with reverse was a British Racing Green Family Safety model. Prices were £329 12s 10d (£329.64p) for the 2/3 seater Tourer and £345 9s 3d (£345.46p) for the Family Safety.

JAN 1957


Steering stops were now fitted at the base of the bulkhead casting.

FEB 1957


New type clutch plates were fitted.

MAR 1957


A ballrace replaced the thrust washer on the gearbox mainshaft.

MAR 1957


A new type of battery was fitted. (Exide type 3EY7 replaced the 3ER7L or the 3LHAIIL)

MAY 1957


A Burgess silencer with two bolts was introduced.

JUN 1957


The first of a batch of 15 left hand steering 2/3 seater Deluxe Tourers. 13973, 13975, 13977, 13979 & 13981 were British Racing Green, 13983, 13985, 13987, 13989 & 14017 were Capri Blue and 14013, 14015, 14019, 14021 & 14023 were Golden Sable. All were tested between the 18th - 21st June 1957, none had reverse fitted and their destination was not recorded.

AUG 1957


All Standard models now had the chrome headlamp hoods, front wing side flashes and dash grab handles deleted.

AUG 1957


A modified clutch cable was fitted.

SEPT 1957


Standard models could now be ordered with a Siba Dynastart fitted instead of having a magneto and a hand start system. Price was £299 19s 9d (£299.98p) for either the 2/3 seater Tourer or the Family Safety.

OCT 1957


The first of a batch of 20 left hand steering Deluxe vehicles (13 Family Safety models - one with a hard top, and 7 2/3 seater Tourers - four as Hardtop Convertible Coupes) destined for Canada. All had reverse fitted and were tested between the 28th - 30th October 1957. The other chassis numbers were 14941 to 14977 in consecutive odd numbers.

JAN 1958


The last Family Safety Hardtop produced was a Deluxe with British Racing Green bodywork.

FEB 1958


The last Standard model produced was a Hardtop Convertible Coupe with Scarlet bodywork

FEB 1958


Sales brochure picture - click to enlargeThe last 2/3 seater Tourer produced was a Deluxe Hardtop Convertible Coupe with British Racing Green bodywork.

APR 1958


Light Green became available as a new colour.

MAY 1958


The first Family Safety model recorded with a 4 speed positive stop gearbox fitted. Body colour Golden Sable with Red trim.

OCT 1958


A Light Green Family Safety - “Show” model.

OCT 1958


A Scarlet Family Safety - “Show” extra.”

OCT 1958


All Family Safety models now had a 4 speed gearbox and were designated “Family Tourer.” (Also fitted to 15474, 15488, 15494 and 15518, 15519, 15532, 15541, 15543, 15544 & 15549)

OCT 1958


The Family Tourer was discontinued. The last produced was Light Green, tested on 5th November 1958.

NOV 1958


A rare photo of the 'Family 4' - click to enlargeRecords indicate that this vehicle was a Family model fitted with a 4 speed gearbox, a hard top and was also a show car. It is assumed this was the Scarlet “Family Four” saloon shown at the 1958 Motorcycle Show at Earls Court. Priced at £339 10s 6d (£339.52½p), only one is believed to have been produced. Tested on 10th November 1958, it became the last Mark D. Registration number MCK 509.