Other Bond Products - Introduction

From time to time, Sharp's Commercials / Bond Cars ventured into other markets with Scooters, Trailer Tents, several forms of recreational water craft and even a little commercial runabout. These lesser known products enjoyed varying degrees of success but are certainly not as well documented as the Minicars, 875's, Bugs or Equipes. Again, nearly all the pictures used have been selected from sales brochures and publicity photographs from the era and can be enlarged with a mouse click for a better view.

The Bond Minibyke has been included in this section as the Bond Owners' Club is also the unofficial register for these Lawrie Bond designed motorcycles.

The Scooter Ski was really a Reliant Project in conjunction with Scooter Ski Sales Ltd of Draycott, Derbyshire. It has been included because the first batch of 616 were all Preston built by Bond at the India Mill Factory in New Hall Lane between September 1969 and August 1970.

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Bond Minibyke

Sharp's Commercial
3 cwt.

Sharp's Commercial

Bond P1 & P2 Scooter

Bond P3 & P4 Scooter

Bond Sea Ranger

Bond Power Ski

Bond Trailer Tent Mk. 1

Bond Trek Trailer Tent

Bond Suitcase

Scooter Ski

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